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AC2100 fingerprint identification system
virdi 3000 fingerprint identification terminal
virdi 4000 fingerprint identification software
ac 6000 fingerprint identification system
Practical and affordable fingerprint authentication reader with fake fingerprint detection technology
The hot fingerprint recognition access controller of 2006 which is the concentration of Union Community?¡¥s fingerprint recognition technology
Upgraded new-generation technology, convenience, and design with LCD, LED, and adjacent sensor technology
convenient and apparent Access Control and T&A management by using touch screen LCD panel and digital camera feature.
virdi 430 fingerprint doorlock
virdi 473 fingerprint doorlock
fingerprint authentication safe box
AC1000 dooraccess controller
overcomes the design limitation of main-key door locks and achieves sophisticated, beautifully curved technological designs. Best solution for modern housing offices.
an intergrated all-in-one fingerprint autherntication and RF card reader system with automatic or manual lock controol
Double security that requires ingerprint verification and key-operated entry. Multipurpose fingerprint recognition safe for homes, offices, and hotels
RF/Smart card authentication system is widely applicable to various business solutions through TCP/IP networked application software.
Wing Barrier and Auto Barrier
swing barrier
tripod turnstyle
fodding door
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